MODUS and Alberta Food Security join forces to introduce innovative Viintus Building Structure for closed environment agriculture

In an exciting collaboration, MODUS and Alberta Food Security are proud to unveil Viintus, an extraordinary new building structure designed to revolutionize the world of agriculture. This groundbreaking partnership combines the expertise of two industry leaders to create a product that promises to transform food production, bringing sustainable solutions to the forefront.

Viintus is the culmination of MODUS’ cutting-edge architectural innovations and Alberta Food Security’s commitment to addressing food security challenges. This visionary product represents a significant step forward in the realm of Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA), where controlled environments enable year-round, highly efficient food cultivation. Viintus harnesses the power of CEA equipment developed by AgriPlay, a globally acclaimed authority in the field.

Viintus offers an array of benefits that are set to reshape the way Albertans approach food production:

1. Sustainable Agriculture
Viintus leverages the power of CEA equipment to create an environment that optimizes resource use, reduces waste, and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional agriculture.

2. Year-Round Harvests
With Viintus, the challenges of seasonality are eradicated. Its carefully controlled environment ensures that crops can be cultivated year-round, regardless of external weather conditions.

3. High Yields
By providing crops with the ideal conditions for growth, Viintus maximizes yield potential, ensuring a consistent and abundant harvest.

4. Quality Control
Viintus’s closed environment allows for meticulous control over factors such as humidity, temperature, and light, resulting in consistently high-quality produce.

5. Customizable Design
Every Viintus building is customized to meet the specific needs of its owner. Modus’s architectural expertise ensures that each structure is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and tailored to its intended agricultural purpose.

Viintus Availability

The heart of Viintus lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with AgriPlay’s top-of-the-line CEA equipment. AgriPlay’s technology is renowned for its precision, efficiency, and sustainability. By marrying this advanced equipment with Modus’s architectural ingenuity, Viintus offers a turnkey solution for those looking to engage in modern, forward-thinking agricultural practices.

Viintus is now available in Alberta, marking a significant milestone for sustainable agriculture in the region. All inquiries, including sales and project details, can be directed to the dedicated sales team at Alberta Food Security.

For more information, please visit
albertafoodsecurity.com/contactus or contact sales@albertafoodsecurity.com.

A Collaborative Effort

The partnership between MODUS, Alberta Food Security, and AgriPlay underscores the power of collaboration in driving innovation. Viintus represents a harmonious convergence of architectural brilliance, agricultural expertise, and state-of-the-art technology. Together, these companies have set the stage for a new era in sustainable food production.