ProMOD Grow Modulars


Designed to create the ideal environment to grow everything from micro greens to cannabis. What’s in the box is up to you!

Why race to find solutions in HVAC, cooling and environmental controls - and leave out the most important part?

We believe that the envelope is just as important - if not more important than its contents. A sealed and thermally insulated environment is constant and reliable. It does not matter what the water is like outside, you will always have the same conditions inside, the plants are stimulated in a controlled environment designed by your grower to meet the needs of your business.

Flat Pack

If you are in a remote location and cannot receive pre-built ProMODs - we can package the building materials and ship it to site for assembly. This allows for a quick on-site build in remote locations, while maintaining build cost & speed. We will offer you training programs so that you can reach out to local builders in your community. We find that communities that build together, grow together.


With our changing economy, empty warehouses may appeal to you more than a new build. Don’t worry, we can help you there as well. With our panel construction, we can offer a wide range of solutions built to size - reducing site waste and build time. We collapse timeframes and increase floor space with our pre-designed flooring system that can span up to 24’ without supporting columns. We can help plan and design the retrofit of any building your choose.

ProMODs can be configured in a wide variety of ways - from a standalone unit - or built out as large as your property will allow. By complexing units together you can create the ideal size and space for your dark room grow facility.


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