Speed of Construction

While you're getting the site ready, we're building your structure, eliminating extra costs or delays caused by Mother Nature. Once the structure is ready, it's delivered to your site and ready to be installed.

From Budget to Profit

By cutting down the construction timeline 30-50%, we get customers in your door quicker than a conventional build. There's no reason to wait to fill rooms. We'll show you saving time turns into making money sooner with modular.

Trust Our Team

The Modus knowledge base will find the best way to get your building done to your specs. From starting with sales, to finishing with our plant and install team, trust in our experience to get your project right.

Bring your commercial building project to MODUS, a leader in the growing commercial offsite modular manufacturing and construction market in Alberta and Western Canada, and find out why modular and offsite structures are a better way to build.

MODUS takes pride in the ability to reduce waste and environmental impact while condensing time frames to complete delivery and construction completion of any customer project. It’s the ability to adapt to customer’s needs that will keep MODUS on the forefront of modular manufacturing for decades to come.