The Modus Advantage


Modus understands how their modular structures fit into your need for a comprehensive, big-picture business strategy.

We will always offer you the best quality at the best value, sustainable practice, efficiency throughout production and the best final product available in the industry. We are proud suppliers of modular that consistently consider and adjust our actions to ensure our products provide long-term benefits to buyers, users and the environment. This dedication to excellence, combined with our ability to facilitate internal production management and our commitment to steady but controlled growth as a company, ensures this claim remains true.

Superior Products

The Best Products at the Best Price = Highest Value:

Factory built to strict tolerances and quality control standards, our commitment to high quality means that only the best supplies are used to build your structure. Whether it’s flooring, fixtures or the welded steel frames we use instead of wood to ensure long life and permanence, Modus can show you the advantage to everything they choose to use in their build. Combine this commitment to excellence with their large volume purchases of products and you get a superior product without paying more for it. Combine the two and you have the best value.

One of the unique value offerings Modus provides is the wall panel we use in all our modular construction. It is superior to traditional stick built construction because of its strength and insulating properties. At Modus we don’t cut costs on common building materials either. For example, we use fir plywood on walls and floors instead of OSB, our HVAC systems are generally high-end, high-efficiency, digitally controlled units and the flooring and roofing are the absolute highest quality available in the building industry.

Design Excellence

Our structure designs aim to meet client needs by providing a revolutionary approach to the modular construction industry. At Modus, we have reinvented the entire building envelope to solve the inherent efficiency and lifecycle problems that come with typical wood-framed modular buildings. In order to provide a superior modular building, adaptable across many applications and industries, the Modus modular building approach remains focused on seven, mutually dependent design goals.

They are as follows:

  1. Maximum Occupant Health

  2. Maximum Occupant Comfort

  3. Minimal Operating Costs

  4. Minimal Maintenance Costs

  5. Minimal Capital/Life-cycle Costs

  6. Environmentally Friendly
  7. Versatility

Long-Term Sustainability

Every structure made by Modus is a result of comprehensive plan involving a big-picture look at the complete lifecycle of each building. The payoff for this type of foresight will continue to provide measurable value and savings for the life of the structure. In fact, the cost savings our clients experience in the long run firmly places Modus at the top of the list for modular buildings that offer long-term, high-value, sustainable solutions.

In an effort to meet demands for a more sustainable form of manufacturing, Modus has successfully manufactured and delivered the first LEED Silver compliant “Next Generation” modular units to the Government of Alberta.

Modus structures are built to stringent Alberta Infrastructure specifications and designed with a 30-year service life. In addition to certification by our engineers and inspection by Superior Permit Pro, Modus structures are subject to a stringent internal QA/QC process.

True Environmental Responsibility

Modus strives to remain true to their goal of offering sustainable building solutions that consider the lifetime impact that their building projects have on the environment. Wherever possible, we have found ways to use supplies and processes that reduce the need to cut down trees. By reducing our footprint while at the same time increasing the value and quality of our products, we have managed to improve what we offer both clients and the world we live in.

You already know about the advantages of less waste and disruption within the construction site that comes with the decision to build modular, but what about after the install? While others claim to offer a sustainable building option, Modus structures provides an unmatched sustainability AND an unmatched lifecycle that will ensure our clients reap the benefits of thoughtful design, resilient materials and long-term sustainability.

Long-Term Relationships

Whether it’s with a developer, engineer or architect, Modus focuses on ethical and efficient business practice with everyone they work with. Reputation drives this industry, which is why Modus ensures their conduct positions them to work again with and be recommended by every client they have the pleasure to get to know.

Expert and Insightful Project Management: At Modus, we only want to work with clients that can truly benefit from what we offer. The best fit comes when clients involve us in every stage of their project from planning to production. We have expertise in project management that includes design services, planning and building regulation applications, but the true value of working with us from the beginning comes with the efficiencies and cost savings that occur as a result.


Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)

The most important element is the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), to assemble the roof, walls and floor system. MODUS SIPs are a high performance composite building material consisting of a sandwich of two layers of 26-gauge steel with an insulating layer of rigid foam Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Vertical Metal Channel

A further innovation to the SIP system is the insertion of a vertical metal channel within the walls. This provides additional structural strength to the envelope, a location for electrical wiring and out- lets and spacing for air return ducts providing improved conditioned air distribution throughout the building structure. The SIP with the integration of the vertical metal channel allows for a structurally sound, thermally efficient and airtight wall system.

Structural Sub-Frame Unit - Widths

The construction of the building as a standard single width of
up to 24’ reduces the number of field joint connections compared to traditional modular construction methods. This joint is a risk for infiltration of uncontrolled air and moisture.

The client generally chooses their own millwork and interior furnishings from a list of options we feel live up to the quality standard we strive to offer in everything we make.


At Modus, our modular construction business provides industry-leading, high-performance workspace facilities, offices, control centers, administration complexes and specialized laboratories.



Those that work with Modus can rest assured that all of our operations adhere to strict Alberta and National Building Codes that cover commercial, industrial and Institutional buildings.



At Modus, we have developed a revolutionary method of manufacturing modular accommodations to ensure comfort, low-cost maintenance and long-lasting durability.



Their extremely durable construction ensures security from harsh Canadian weather, vandalism and destructive insects. Whether you require one or one thousand, Modus Structures has a solution that ensures your requirements will be met.



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Modus understands that in order to continue to be the best,
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