Eklund Looks Forward To Getting Stranded

No electronics, no comfy bed, no problem for MODUS’ Shane Eklund.

”I’m all about the outdoors, it’s kinda right up my alley,” says Eklund. ”It’s for a good cause, and it’s going to be an awesome adventure.”

MODUS’ Construction Manager will brave the elements that come with Kids Up Front’s annual fundraiser, ”Stranded: Water Valley”. Think survivor in a stunning Alberta setting. Just rice and a sleeping bag is all contestants will be bringing with them.

While winning the whole thing is in Eklund’s sights, he knows the real reason he’s willing to sacrifice an August weekend.

“I think it’d be awesome. It’d be a great experience, and the bragging rights. Regardless if I win or get voted out the first round of council, I will push it on to everyone I know to take part next year and raise money and have a good time.”

Kids Up Front’s more visible initiatives is to provide less fortunate children opportunities to attend major events they’d otherwise not have been able to attend. According to their website, since 2000, Kids Up Front has given local kids and families over 500,000 event tickets – from hockey and football games to concerts and plays – valued at about $18 million.

That’s why Eklund’s fundraising is important, but so is his history with reality television competition shows. He knows what he’s getting into, and how to play ‘the game’.

”I get along with everybody, super hard worker and my knowledge of survival and strategy and gameplay is going to be really beneficial. I don’t want to come on too strong or too knowledgeable. That’ll just put a target on my back right away. I’ll get a feel for people. Def not going to burn any bridges. Gonna have to pick a couple people that I can maybe take to the end, and that I can also beat.

To find out more about Stranded: Water Valley, check out their site, and to watch what happened at last year’s event, check out their YouTube playlist.

And to help Shane’s fundraising campaign, donate here.