Modus specializes in the design and build of high-performance modular commercial buildings in Western Canada.

The Modus, industry-leading, system-built process provides attractive, permanent accommodation solutions to a wide range of clients covering a number of sectors, including commercial, educational, healthcare and public.

Modus focuses on the big picture when offering our off-site design build services for a construction project. Our people are among the best in their fields and are the reason we can consistently offer the best quality at the best value, sustainable practice, efficiency throughout production and the best final product you can receive.

On time - every time: Modus has gone to great lengths to control all aspects of construction. All off site design builds take place in a controlled, indoor environment to ensure outdoor elements do not affect our process. Our investment in long-term relationships with our staff means we always have experts on the floor, and our ability to provide our own windows, flooring and electrical systems in-house makes us one of the only companies that has actual control of every aspect of the build.

Modus boasts the highest level of efficiency and value for every product they offer, from design to completion.

And while this claim is not necessarily unique to the modular construction industry, the process Modus follows to ensure its validity is certainly one of a kind. While many competitors claim to offer the most efficient options for modular construction, only Modus has the in-house capacity to control all factors influencing their process.

While others rely on the promises of outside subcontractors and suppliers, Modus’ in-house capabilities and strategic alliances ensure all the supplies and expertise required to complete their Modular structures to the highest standard are contained under their own roof.

Whether it’s with a developer, engineer or architect, Modus focuses on ethical and efficient business practice with everyone they work with. Reputation drives this industry, which is why Modus ensures their conduct positions them to work again with and be recommended by every client they have the pleasure to get to know.